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We Are The Charleston Area's Trusted House Washing Team

Are you desperately in need of house washing services within the Charleston area? Holy City Hydroshine can satisfy all of your needs. We offer extensive and effective cleaning services, and will make sure your house is shining and sparkling once we're done.

So, if you're in need of a pressure washing company in Charleston to thoroughly clean your house, then look no further. We guarantee that our house washing services are top notch due to both our experience and transparency with clients.

Why Use Low Pressure Soft Washing for Your Home

There are parts of your home's exterior that are too delicate for conventional high pressure washing. If the PSI (pounds per square inch) is too high, it could hurt more than help. That's why our team at Holy City Hydroshine offers lower pressure washing for the surfaces of your home that don't need the extra blast of water. Low pressure washing, also called soft washing, uses lower water pressure combined with special cleaning solutions, rather than just plain water. This mixture penetrates deep into your home's surfaces to draw out blemishes and remove the most stubborn dirt and stains. Soft washing is a great option for homeowners in that it’s incredibly effective against grime, but it doesn’t harm the delicate surfaces underneath.

Soft House Washing With Holy City Hydroshine

Our pressure washing professionals at Holy City Hydroshine use soft washing methods to clean even the deepest recesses of your home's exterior surfaces. Our environmentally safe cleaning solutions penetrate contaminants, soaking them to the core and loosening their hold on your surfaces. The grungy mess is then gently washed away with a soft stream of gently clean water, leaving your home's exterior looking fresh and revitalized.

Looking For Pressure Washing In The Charleston Area? Look No Further!
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Benefits of House Washing

  • House washing prevents further damage; mold, dirt, algae, and debris of any kind can destroy your house. Let us take care of that for you. Our roof cleaning services will also get rid of these nuisances.
  • By being proactive and getting your house cleaned sooner rather than later, you'll save yourself some money and stress. If you wait too long, the damage will only worsen and require more care.
  • We want you and your family to be healthy! All the grime, mildew, and dust that accumulates on your house is not healthy. We want to get rid of that for you before it makes you sick.
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