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Let Pros Handle Large-Scale Gutter Work

Article By: Danielle Porter

We don't often give a lot of thought and consideration to rain gutters on our homes unless there's a problem, or we're doing some home maintenance projects as a way to spiff up our home’s appearance, or add curb appeal when it's time to list it for sale. Gutter cleaning professionals can actually help on a number of fronts, as can Holy City Hydroshine which specializes in exterior home cleaning. A sparkling image can help increase interest in your home and even add to its value!

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Damages Caused by Gutters

The point of rain gutters is to direct water away from your roof and your foundation. If the gutters fall into poor repair and are sagging, rusting, cracked, or otherwise poorly functioning, it can result in a host of problems. According to Bob Villa, you can develop rotting wood, moldy soffits, and even damage to your roof and siding. Foundation work, in particular, can be very costly, and can potentially displace your family during repair. Ensuring that you have clean, attractive, and well-functioning gutters should be a priority as a homeowner.

DIY Versus Hiring a Pro

Many people attempt to clean and even repair or replace rain gutters on their own. While it's true that you can clean gutters yourself if you have the right tools, equipment, and know-how, if your gutters are high, perched at an unusual angle, or if you have balance or mobility issues, AI Everlast says you can actually do more harm than good. Depending on what your gutters are made from, you could inadvertently cut yourself, fall from a ladder, or otherwise damage other structures on your house doing it yourself. Hiring a pro is often the best approach from both a cost and safety standpoint.

What Do I Need?

Your gutters may just need a good cleaning, or they could require repair or total replacement. There are different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses of gutters available, and all have different pros and cons, as well as price points. Do a bit of research in advance so you know the lingo, and then ask the gutter professionals you're interviewing to provide an overview of not only what they're offering, but what other less costly options look like. As with hiring out any type of professional service, conduct online research and read reviews, as well as ask friends and family for recommendations and referrals to qualified gutter-cleaning professionals.

Spiffing Up Your House to Sell

Many people turn attention to their gutters when it's time to list their house for sale. This is a common time for making cosmetic and structural fix-ups to ensure your house not only passes inspection but has good curb appeal and is attractive to prospective buyers. Consider reviewing listings in your area to see what other sellers are doing to create buzz around their homes. If you have neighbors adding new landscape lighting, foliage, or resurfacing driveways or decks, it might give you a couple of ideas for what you can do on your own. Even things like pressure washing your house and your roof can give your home new life without having to do any costly repairs.

Gutter work requires a practiced and skilled hand. While you may be comfortable with small fixes on your own, when it comes time for large-scale work, hire it out to ensure the work is done safely and correctly. Visit your local Better Business Bureau to ensure the contractors you’re considering don’t have too many complaints. Review each one, and always get project details, costs, and completion timelines in writing before entering into an agreement.

There’s a big difference between soft washing and pressure washing. Holy City Hydroshine can help you find innovative and cost-effective ways to make your home look clean, shiny, and new!

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